Get Out!

by Alice Bag

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    Rough demo version of song that will appear on my upcoming album. First 200 downloads are free.



This is how my songs usually start their lives, with a rough version recorded on my iPad. This song will be recorded by a full band and I can't wait to hear it on my upcoming album.


Boo hoo - you started to cry
BAM - came the punch to the eye
You provoke him, he says
Don't you know how he gets?

Thud - when your head hits the wall
Oh -- you're starting to fall
Why do you push him away?
You know you want him to stay

'Cause you love him and he's sorry
Much more than the time before
And he loves you and he's sorry
He won't do it anymore

Crack - boots and your ribs collide
Shhh - silently bleeding inside
And as you fade from the scene
You can hear the sirens scream


How many times must you touch a hot stove
To see if the flame will burn?
How many times must he beat you senseless?
Oh baby, when will you learn?

You better get out...


released September 7, 2015
Words and music Alice Bag.



all rights reserved


Alice Bag Los Angeles, California

Punk feminist troublemaker.


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